Lose weight: do you know Switchel? It is also said to help against unloved belly fat

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Lose weight with switchel: summer drink with ginger, apple cider vinegar and lemon

Switchel is an old home recipe with enormous effects. A few centuries ago, farmers in North America drank the healthy ginger-vinegar lemonade to strengthen themselves after their work in the fields. Today fitness experts promise that the drink will be able to reduce belly fat in combination with exercise. But the fact is that the drink combines a lot of valuable ingredients and stimulates digestion.


Do you know Switchel? The hip summer drink is actually old hat. As early as the 17th century, North American farmers fortified themselves with a ginger and vinegar lemonade after the strenuous hay harvest. This is how the drink, with its interesting combination of heat and acidity, got its second name, "Heumacher-Punsch" (Haymakers Punch). It was a refreshment on hot days and made the throat feel pleasantly sting like after a sip of whiskey.
Today the lemonade is a trendy drink and is celebrated in the fitness scene for its healthy ingredients.

Energy drink Swichtel. Healthy through the day already in the morning.

Inhibits inflammation and stimulates digestion

The ginger has anti-inflammatory effects and boosts the immune system, while the lemon provides the body with vitamin C. The apple cider vinegar provides important vitamins and minerals, stimulates the metabolism and digestion. Despite all its advantages, the lemonade is a "miracle drink", as some advertisements promise, but far from it.

If you want to prepare switchel yourself, you only need a few ingredients. First peel a large ginger root, cut it into large pieces and bring to the boil with six cups of water for one to two minutes. Then let it steep for 20 minutes. Now add half a cup of naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar and freshly squeezed lemon juice. It gets sweeter with a spoonful of maple syrup or honey. Finally stir the switchel vigorously, pour through a sieve into a glass and enjoy chilled with ice cubes.

The Switchel recipe at a glance:

“Switchel” recipe: Make your own apple cider vinegar and ginger drink

The ingredients:
a large tuber of ginger
1 liter of water
150 ml honey or maple syrup
110 ml apple cider vinegar
80 ml lemon juice

First we peel the ginger and cut it into small pieces. We let this boil in about one liter of water. Remove from heat and let rest for 20 minutes. Then add all the other ingredients. Add the other mixture to the pot. Let the drink cool down and put it in the fridge. Serve with ice cubes in glasses.

Fruity variations possible

Imagination is required for further variants. It gets fruity, for example, with a dash of orange juice or strawberry puree and lime juice. You can also decorate the classic switchel with a lemon wedge and herbs like basil and rosemary. A few colorful fruits such as currants and blueberries in the glass are a nice eye-catcher.

Whether switchel can also help you lose weight has not been scientifically proven. Quite a few swear by it that it can help with weight loss. It is always healthy. The drink can already be bought in the supermarket. As we pointed out, however, it can be easily prepared by yourself. Good luck wishes Heilpraxis! Heike Kreutz, Sebastian Bertram

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