Diabetics should better measure their blood sugar more often on a bathing trip

Summer swimming trip: diabetics better measure blood sugar more often
Summer has finally arrived. The hot temperatures attract many people to swimming lakes and outdoor pools. Diabetics should take special precautions on a bathing trip and ensure good blood sugar control.


Diabetics should pay particular attention to their blood sugar when going to the baths. (Image: Perry / fotolia.com)

Summer temperatures invite you to go swimming
Many people are finally looking forward to summer temperatures after the long period of cloudy weather. However, very high temperatures quickly lead to complaints such as headaches, tiredness or dizziness. Bathing trips are a good way to avoid the heat. People with diabetes should take special precautions when doing this. In a report by the news agency dpa, the German Diabetes Aid points out that diabetics should measure their blood sugar more often than usual if they spend a day at the lake. This is because the body's energy requirements increase, especially when the water is very cold.

Tips for diabetics
Therefore, the risk of hypoglycaemia is correspondingly high. If it happens despite regular controls, glucose in liquid form helps best. Diabetics who wear an insulin pump should take them off before swimming. Before doing that, you should measure your blood sugar again. According to the German Diabetes Aid, this is ideally between 120 and 180 milligrams per deciliter (mg / dl). Those affected should cover the catheter needle and the remaining piece of tubing with a waterproof plaster. Both the insulin and the pump should never be exposed to direct sunlight when bathing.They can be stowed away in a cool box or in a thermos bottle. (ad)

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