Health questions: does solarium really help against sun allergy?

Health experts strongly advise against visiting a solarium. Pre-tanning is useless, it only damages the skin. (Image: nd3000 /

Truth or Myth: Do Solarium Visits Help Against Sun Allergy?
People who suffer from sun allergies are sometimes advised to go to the tanning salon in order to better prepare their skin for the strong rays of the sun. But is that really true? And what else can be done?


Do visits to the solarium help against sun allergies?
According to health experts, the number of people who show allergic reactions to strong sunlight has increased in recent years. More and more children are also suffering from sun allergies. Sufferers often get the tip to hear the complaints to prevent by hardening. For example, visits to the solarium should help. But is that really true? What can those affected do instead? Experts have some answers to that.

People who suffer from sun allergies are often advised to prevent the symptoms by hardening them in the tanning salon. However, experts advise against it. (Image: nd3000 /

"Skin must be protected by sunscreen"
According to the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB), sun allergies are usually triggered by light-sensitizing substances such as cosmetics and medication in combination with UV radiation. The symptoms in the individual parts of the body appear hours to days, usually associated with itching, after the radiation. According to the information, the sun allergy is mainly caused by UV-A rays and less by UV-B rays. The DAAB writes on its website: “Pre-tanning on the tanning bed does not provide reliable protection because in many tanning salons only UV-A rays are used, the skin lacks the protective thickening of the skin. So pre-tanned skin must be protected by sunscreen. "

Apply sunscreen before breakfast
According to the DAAB, antihistamines are used as effective therapy as well as for prevention. Claas Ulrich, senior physician and head of the skin tumor center at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, explained in a report by the dpa news agency: "The best method is competent protection, proven by clinical studies, for example with a medical sunscreen from the pharmacy." According to this, it should have a metering pump, and it should contain information about how often to press for which part of the body. The cream is best applied before breakfast, because then the skin is not yet sweaty and the cream can be absorbed better.

Also watch out for the sun behind glass
Most doctors are rather critical of tanning salons. Pre-tanning in the solarium only damages the skin, according to many. In the dpa report, Ulrich also advised people who want to harden themselves not to go to the solarium, but to put themselves in the hands of a dermatologist. Some dermatologists offer special radiation treatments to prevent sun allergies. The UV exposure for the skin is reduced as much as possible, depending on the skin type. Furthermore, those affected should definitely avoid the midday sun and be careful in front of the sun behind glass - because UV-A rays also penetrate through windows. Scientists recently reported that side windows in cars often offer little or no sun protection, which can lead to skin and eye damage. (ad)

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