Mild, sweet or bitter: these types of salad are good for your health

Variety of salads: Try other types of salads as well


Curled or smooth, mild or bitter - many varieties come from local outdoor cultivation at this time of the year. The most popular in this country is the lettuce, which is available all year round, according to the consumer information service “aid”. The experts give valuable tips on all things lettuce.

Variety in the salad
From a botanical point of view, lettuce is divided into two groups: the lettuce group, whose salads give off a milky liquid when cut and contain only a few bitter substances, and the chicory group, whose salads are characterized by a stronger and bitter taste. They are also richer in vitamins and minerals. They include endive, chicory and radicchio. Representatives of the lettuce group include lettuce, iceberg, batavia and romaine lettuce.

In addition to the lettuce, the iceberg lettuce - also known as ice lettuce - is very popular in Germany, although it does not have a distinct taste of its own. But it stays crisp and fresh for a long time even with dressing. “A close relative of the ice cream salad is the red and green colored Batavia. The aroma is stronger than that of lettuce, the leaves are crisp and stay fresh longer, ”said the consumer information service.

Lollo Rosso and Lollo Biancobilden do not form a head but a rosette. Since their leaves are reddish or yellow-greenish in color and strongly curled, they are also suitable for decorating other dishes. Their taste is characterized by a fine nut aroma with a bitter note. “Endive and radicchio belong to the Zicchoriengruppe and have a bitter taste. They are ideal for mixed salads, ”reports the information service on its website. (ag)

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