Standing vaccination commission publishes new vaccination recommendations

The Standing Vaccination Commission at the Robert Koch Institute has published its current vaccination recommendations. There are changes in the vaccination schedule for pneumococcal vaccination in infancy and early childhood, for meningococcal B vaccination, for yellow fever vaccination and passive immunization against chickenpox.
In addition, the STIKO has editorially revised the measles vaccination recommendations.


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With pneumococcal vaccination, infants should receive three instead of the previous four vaccine doses of a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine at the age of 2, 4 and 11-14 months (so-called 2 + 1 vaccination schedule, two basic immunizations plus one booster). The 3 + 1 scheme is still recommended for premature babies (born before the 37th week of pregnancy), which means that they should receive four vaccine doses at the age of 2, 3, 4 and 11-14 months as before.

A vaccine against meningococci of serogroup B has been available in Germany since December 2013. The STIKO does not consider the previous study results and the resulting evidence to be sufficient for a decision on a general vaccination recommendation. However, the STIKO recommends vaccination against meningococcal B (indication vaccination) for people with specific underlying diseases in the future. In the case of yellow fever vaccination, the STIKO no longer recommends a booster vaccination.
More information can be found here. (pm)

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